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dr. penny corkum

Dr. Penny Corkum is a child psychologist and professor in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience at Dalhousie University and cross-appointed in Psychiatry, and Scientific Staff at the IWK. She is the co-founder and director of the Colchester East Hants ADHD Clinic. She conducts research and clinical work with children with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs), including ADHD and Specific Learning Disorders. Her current research focuses on developing and evaluating eHealth interventions for teachers working with children with NDDs (Teacher Help) and for parents of children with sleep problems (Better Nights, Better Days).  

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nicole ali

After working for three years as a substitute elementary school teacher, Nicole realized her passion for working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). She returned to school to pursue her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Dalhousie University and is studying under the supervision of Dr. Penny Corkum. Her research is focused on classroom education for students with NDDs and on sleep in children with NDDs.