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maribeth rogers

Currently hold the position of health and physical education curriculum leader with the Department of Education & Lifelong Learning. I have 14 years experience teaching physical education, health and science and have been fortunate to teach in 4 countries across grades K-12 in the public sector. I am currently responsible for researching, writing, piloting and implementing curriculum as well as planning and delivering professional learning for Prince Edward Island physical education and health educators.

 I am the past president of the PEI Physical Education Association and a have served on the PHE National Council of Provinces & Territories. Currently I am an executive member for the PEI School Athletic Association, a member of the School Milk Board, serve on the Steering Committee for the PEI Student Well Being Teams, and the PEI Child Sexual Abuse Committee.

 I am passionate about health and physical education as a parent, coach, educator, volunteer, researcher and policy maker. I am a lover of outdoors and healthy relationships and happily living in Stratford, PEI with my husband and two daughters Isabella and Helena.