Nick Cardone, Free Range Therapy

Nick Cardone, Free Range Therapy

The T.O.N.E. Project (Therapy Outside Normal Environments) – Therapy that Resonates

Emerging research increasingly points to how men and boys respond positively to non-traditional methods used in therapy (or related supportive contexts). What are some of the unique mental health needs of boys and young men? The T.O.N.E. Project was a two-year group therapy endeavor exploring innovative ways to better address these needs in Nova Scotia.

This fun and interactive workshop will introduce you to practical tools, strategies and resources to deepen engagement of our youth (reducing attrition rates, strengthening alliance, deepening insight, etc.) by introducing experiential and adventure-based methods into your work.

ABOUT nick cardone

Nick Cardone is a Registered Counselling Therapist specializing in working with men and adolescent boys. With 20 years experience in school, institutional and community-based mental health settings, his private practice clients are invited to explore new ways of ‘doing’ therapy. Utilizing evidence-based modalities incorporating physical movement, creative expression, the power of metaphor and exposure to nature and adventure, clients engage while out on a hike, journaling, rock climbing, sitting by a lake or using a mousetrap!